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Dulce Jemimah

Cryptic messages ng anak ni Dulce para kanino? 

ni Pilar Mateo

ANAK ng chanteuse na si Dulce si Jemimah.

Mahusay din itong umawit gaya ng ina.

Sa ilang mga nakararaang araw at pagkakataon, sa kanyang social media account na gaya ng Facebook  makababasa ng cryptic messages mula sa kanya.

Walang magkalakas ng loob na magtanong. Kung ano ang nangyayari sa domestic life nila  lalo na ng kanyang inang napakarami ng nagmamahal.

Ito ang sinasabi ni Jemimah:

What you are saying is..

“Mama got jealous?

“Mama left you?

“Mama hid us?

“Mama just used you?

“First of all, you made a mistake and accidentally posted a picture of you and your mistress on your Facebook stories. How do I know it was a mistake? Because you never post a story. We decided to leave while Mama was in Baguio because you went too far and really hit the nail on the head. We didn’t even inform Mama that we made the decision of leaving you. She followed where her children went DAYS after her retreat and ministry in Baguio.

“Second, it took you two months before you started contacting us. You’re so good at pretending like nothing happened.  Demanding us to answer your calls and reply to your texts. How dare you tell others to confront us because you say we shouldn’t be acting like this? Did it ever occur to you that that will only drive us away even further?

“Third, you thought you could manipulate the story so that the people you call and talk to would believe you. But they already know that you are a fraud and full of nonsense, unless they are idiots!

We have been painstakingly patient the past 7 years, praying you would change. But to no avail. You got caught with HARD PROOF and you still had the audacity to lie about it. What was it that you said to me 7 years ago? 

“Kung hindi mo pinakialaman messenger ko, hindi kayo masasaktan!”

“Really? You thought you were only caught on social media? There are literally DOZENS of people who have seen you out in public with your mistresses. Yes, plural. One incident was even in front of our very eyes.

“But this one, the one you accidentally posted on January 13, this one’s particularly special to you. You would ask me to load the car’s RFID every time, saying you have out of town business and/or politics. Did you not think I’d be able to access the statement of account and track the SAME toll gates you’ve been entering and exiting numerous times? She’s so lucky that you would drive all the way for her. I mean that sarcastically because I’m so disgusted with you. Next time, use cash so you won’t incriminate yourself even further. 

“Now you’re telling people that the woman in the photo was sick so you went to check on her in your shared condo/safehouse. How lucky! You didn’t even have the slightest care to check or take care of Mama when she had COVID, not even a single text or call while she was isolated. Must’ve been convenient for you, right? You just wanted to get rid of her, but where will you get your money then, right? I suggest that you get a REAL job. 

“Your love for money and power is what absolutely ruined you. Aside from the infidelity, you became this person that began to have love for money and power. And that’s a different story that I won’t even bother to elaborate anymore because people already know. 

“It doesn’t matter if I’ve already blocked you, your minions will happily show this post to you. The same minions who would also be happy to protect you from your own wrongdoings. 

“I have witnessed how you treated Mama all these years. I have seen how foul you are. I don’t need to elaborate anymore.

“Mark my words. You don’t and you can’t scare us anymore.

“The surname that I got from you no longer makes me proud and I will surely remove it from my name.

“Watch me.”

For whom these words are intended… Your guess is a s good as ours… 

Napakasakit. Sa isang anak. Sa ina… Ano ang masasabi ng ama? 

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