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PDEA’s DPA “cash reward scam” (Vital role of Tamaddoni) part-7

NARITO po ang bukas na liham ni PDEA’S DPA Mortezza Tamaddoni, an Iranian national kay DoJ Secretary De Lima. Isang makabagbag damdamin ang liham ng isang bayaning Private Eye ng PDEA na winalanghiya sa kanyang cash rewards, ganoong sa BATAS ay DAPAT IPAGKALOOB kay TAMADDONI.

The Hon. Leila M. De Lima

July 18, 2014


Department of Justice

Padre Faura St.,


Dear Honorable Secretary De Lima,

Greetings of Peace and Prosperity!

The undersigned is an Operation Private Eye Agent of the Philippine government. As such, he performed undercover missions for the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) and the Philippines National Police (PNP) that led to the following successful activities, to wit:

1) Seizure of dangerous drugs and essential chemicals, including the confiscation and dismantling of clandestine drug laboratories in Barangays Umapad, Paknaan and Look of Mandaue City, Cebu in September 2004;

2) Seizure of dangerous drugs and essential chemicals, including the confiscation and dismantling of clandestine drugs laboratories in Meycauayan City, Bulacan, in December 2004;

3) Seizure of dangerous drugs and essential chemical, including the confiscation and dismantling of clandestine drug laboratories in the towns of Pilar and Mariveles, both in the province of Bataan in December 2004.

The operation in Cebu in September 2004 resulted in the seizure of illegal drugs, CPECs and laboratory equipment with estimated worth of over one billion eight hundred million pesos (P1,800,000,000.00). The undersigned, however, failed to received the full reward for the Mandaue City, Cebu operation in the amount of eleven million one hundred nine thousand four hundred twenty one and 95/100 pesos (11,109,421.95), contrary to the claims of the Philippines Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), as I only actually received the amount of eight million three hundred thirty-nine thousand one hundred thirty one pesos (8,339,131.00).

On the other hand, the successful operation in the provinces of Bulacan and Bataan in December 2004 yielded an estimated total of thirteen billion pesos (P13,000,000,000.00) worth of seized narcotics, CPECs and equipment, where the vital role of the undersigned in the success of these operations was not questioned. I have not received my reward in the operation although it is now almost ten (10) years from the performance of my tasks. PDEA claims that this was due to lack of a purity test, a vital requirement in the guidelines for the computation of rewards. I really do not know the reason why PDEA is taking too long for the release of the purity test.

Despite these, I still testified in court in connection with the forgoing operations in order to help the Department of Justice to successfully acquire convictions for those guilty of violating the law.

In so doing, I risked my life and that of the members of my family. Drug syndicates are now running after us. In fact, our family has been separated for the sake of our safety.

On numerous occasions, I appealed to the PDEA to expedite the completion of said purity test in order to facilitate the speedy release of my cash reward which be commensurate to the thirteen billion pesos (P13,000,000,000.00) worth of seized narcotics, CPECs and equipment seized in the provinces of Bulacan and Bataan. I likewise pleaded to PDEA for the delivery of the difference between the amount of eight million three hundred thirty-nine thousand one hundred thirty one pesos (8,339,131.00) that I actually received by instalment from the sum of eleven million one hundred nine thousand four hundred twenty-one and 95/100 pesos (11,109,421.95) that PDEA claims to have been delivered to me.

Nevertheless, my humble pleas merely landed on PDEA’s deaf ears. Worse, I am now at a great disadvantage because the previous protection extended to me and to my family has been withdrawn and the reward that I am entitled to, to be used for the safeguard and welfare of my family, has not been given to me.

It is on these accounts that I am beseeching the kindness and generosity of your good office to investigate these matters at hand in order that I be given in the trust sense of the word. I have served the Philippine government and I will continue my undertaking to help the government in its crusade to eradicate the proliferation of dangerous drugs that pose a great menace to our society.

Very Truly Yours,


Isang makabagbag damdaming liham ng anak ni Ginoong Tamaddoni na inunsyami ng dating DoJ Secretary Agnes Devanadera.

September 4, 2009

Hon. Agnes VST Devanadera


Department of Justice

Dear Madam,


I am Ms. Afsaneh Tamaddoni, daughter of Mr. Mortezza Tamaddoni. My father performed secret missions for the Philippines Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA). The result of his missions led to the successful confiscation and recovery of dangerous drugs and essential chemicals including the destruction of clandestine laboratories for illegal drugs in Umapad, Panaan, and Look, Mandaue City. My father also helped the PDEA in similar missions in Marilao Bulacan, Pilar and Mariveles,Bataan.

The Government is also used my father as principal witness in Mandaue City in Connection with the case of Calvin Tan et al. But to date, the PDEA has no fully paid rewards due to my father under the Law.

Efforts were exerted to collect from PDEA but the same seemed and exercise in futility as almost 5 years had passed since my father performed his jobs and yet no action has been done to his request for full payment.

There is no legal basis for the further withholding of the balance of his cash rewards estimated at 20 million, its further withholding is not fair to us. Because of my father’s exposure, I am now in fear of my life.

We are appealing to your compassion and mercy.

Please extend us your kind assistance to facilitate the payment of the balance of my father’s claims, in order that we may live dignity.

We strongly believe that you will extend us you gesture of compassion and mercy.

Thank you very much and God bless you to you endeavor to be more service to the Filipino People.

Respectfully Yours,

Ms. Afsaneh Tamaddoni


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