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I did no harm to you — Jim to Mocha

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“Mocha naman. We are all entitled to our own opinion. My beef with Duterte is human rights.

“I interviewed you extensively sometime ago to write an article for my column but editor said it was not for Sunday reading. Yes, my interview with you was a largely about your sexual persona and you knew it was about that prior to the interview. You volunteered a lot of lurid info even without my asking. You like sex and you are proud to be an advocate of free sex. Nothing wrong with that.

“Did I ask those things you said I did? I honestly cant remember. I can look for the audio. You were very candid, almost bragging pa nga which from an interviewers point of view is great. From what you told me I don’t think anything can shock you. I think you are exaggerating your reaction. You are certainly not a blushing flower.

“But there was MUCH MORE to the interview.. I also asked you about your childhood. Your mom who is a pediatrician and cancer survivor, your dad who was a judge and was murdered, where you went to school, how you felt about the murder and so many other things. I wanted to understand where you were coming from since your public persona is about sex and your sites were getting millions of hits.

“I also wanted a perspective where I could humanize you and bring out other aspects of you aside from what was obvious. .

“I think its pretty darn cheap of you to twist things just because you hate my politics. Labo nun. I treated with great respect. I did no harm to you. I will post the article if you wish. Let me find it.”

‘Yan ang sagot  ni Jim Paredes sa inilabas na blind item ni Mocha recently na sinabi niyang nabastusan siya sa mga tanong ni Jim sa interview nito sa kanya.

Hindi raw niya inakala na magtatanong ng kabastusan si Jim during the interview.

Ipinost ni Jim ang article niya about Mocha at wala naman kaming nakitang kabastusan. Actually, maganda ang pagkakasulat even as it centered on sex.

UNCUT – Alex Brosas

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