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Tibo Arejola y Agudo no. 10 most wanted criminal P200,000 cash reward


Melissa Perez-Arejola, age 37 and native of Pleasant Village IV,Los Banos , Laguna was murdered last August 6, 2008 at about 12:30 a.m. inside their house at #78 Stockton St., Fresnon St., Phase 3,Laguna Bela-Air,Sta.Rosa,Laguna.  Melisssa was shot at the head  and chest,both fatal.  When this happened, she was with her husband, Tibo A. Arejola, a native of Rhodas Subd., Los Banos, Laguna.  Thus, the only witness in the shooting that happened was Tibo.  They do not have any children in spite of the almost 12 years of marriage.  Nobody was living with them.

As per the police report, Tibo, the husband of my daughter claimed that four unidentified person barged into their house and shot them.  However, Tibo sustained injury on his left hand.  There were no signs of struggle and disarrangement inside the house.  Personal items, furniture and appliances were intact and police believed nothing was missing.  However,  according to the husband, a cell phone of Melizza,which was located on top of a chair beside the bed closed to where Melissa was sleeping, was lost and a new cell phone inside a drawer of a cabinet was also lost.  No sign of damage on the door lock to establish a  forcible entry.

Based on the police and the circumtances surrounding the death of our daughter Melissa, the investigative failed to establish the motive of the alleged assailants being claimed by Tibo. What was so worrying also and irreconcilable was that Tibo did not get any help, failed to report the incident immediately to the security guard at the entrance/exit guardhouse of the subdivision and failed to bring his dying wife or maybe dead already to a hospital very close to their place than in Calamba City.

According to the autopsy, the fired bullet recovered that entered the cranial cavity was embedded on the right position of the occipital lobe. This is  a fatal gunshot wound of the head per the autopsy report.

Also,  the gunshot wound at the chest indicated the fired bullet recovered was also embedded and also fatal.

What would this mean; the person who shot our daughter really did not give her a chance  to live because  the shot were made at close range. Why would an intruder or robber shot our daughter and made sure she was dead.  I suppose the robber will shoot both of them not only Melissa who has then a slight fever per Tibo and was made sure she was dead.  Also, Tibo who could have fight back since he was stronger was spared of his life.

Also, according to the report of the officer-in-charge of the security agency to the president of Laguna Bel-Air Homeowners Association there was no sign of robbery incident because there were no losses inside the house.

Tibo’s failure to cooperate with investigation of the police earlier (gave only a 1-page affidavit on August 15,2008) and with the NBI later has greatly delayed  the said investigation.  In fact, he has done nothing to find out who was the killer of his wife, which I find disturbing and puzzling.  Please note however, that he consented in the reenactment of what really happened on the said shooting on September 24,2008 and this was duly documented.

A complain was filed with the NBI Sta.Rosa on August 24,2008 and soon thereafter started its investigation, which lasted fro two (2) years and about three (3) months.  The results of its investigation was embodied in more than 500 pages of report which recommended that Tibo be prosecuted for the crime of Parricide under Article 246 of the Revise Code, as amended and that the case be forwarded to NBI’s Legal and Evaluation Division (LEAD)-(NBI Headquarters) for its study, review and final recommendation.

The memorandum report of LED and investigation report including its attachments were forwarded by the office of the NBI to the office of the City Prosecutor of Santa Rosa City, Laguna for preliminary investigation with the recommendation that  Tibo Arejola prosecuted for Parricide Articles 246 of Revised Penal Code, as amended.

Tibo was provided all the reports and its attachments and was given the opportunity to submit counter-affidavit and rejoinder affidavit.  After the exchanges of affidavits and preliminary investigation, the City Prosecutor concluded that there exits sufficients evidence on record to hold Tibo fro trial for the crime charged. Thuc, the resolution and information with all the investigation and memorandum reports were submitted to the Reginal Trial Court of Binan.  As a  result, of this the review by the Honorable Judge of Binan of the documentations, a warrant of arrest was issued against Tibo Arejola. This is now almost 7 years since the murder of Melissa.

As of now, after 3 years and almost 8 months, Tibo, remains a fugitive from law as he had gone into hiding. As a mother, I appeal to all who in their kindness and compassion can help us get the final justice for my daughter.  My husband and I live a very simple life and the murder of our daughter shook us.  Our daughter Melissa was a very caring,and talented person. She was still full of dreams that someday she will be able to enjoy fruits of her labor but her life was taken with just a snap of the finger of the murderer.  It is as if our our whole collapse with her death.  My other daughter who is a breast cancer survivor is in the US, with her three young kids and husband. We thought Melissa who has not been seriously sick would eventually take care of all of us, was suddenly gone.  I am an only child, my old parents gone thus I do not have somebody to share with my pains (my husband had became very emotional since the passing away of Melissa) except friends who really go out of their way to accommodate me.

Once more, I am knocking at your innermost heart, I firmly believe and humbly beg you to please help us in my behalf for my daughter and to impress upon the court the importance of her case.

Any Information Leading to the WHEREABOUT of this WANTED CRIMINAL Pls. Contact MAYOR ABNER AFUANG 09179148308 or the nearest police station. Godspeed.


Ugaliing manood sa Royal Cable TV Program “Kasandigan ng Bayan” Martes at Miyerkoles 9 to 12 noon.  Mayor Abner Afuang with Royal Cable TV6 Manager & Southern Tagalog Broadcast Journalist Assn. Inc. President Cris Sanji. Maraming Salamat po. Godspeed.

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