Sunday , November 28 2021
Ogie Diaz, Janus del Prado, Marissa Sanchez
Ogie Diaz, Janus del Prado, Marissa Sanchez

Pagka-witty ni Janus hinangaan

ni Pilar Mateo

ISANG upuan na lang daw with his Mama Ogie Diaz magaganap ang kaisa-isang pagkakataon na magsasalita ang nalalagay sa kontrobersiyang si Janus del Prado.

Marami ang nakapanood sa nasabing stream. Isa na rito ang komedyanang si Marissa Sanchez (na kasalukuyang nasa Amerika) na nagbigay ng kanyang komento.

“I accidentally watched this vlog of my daughter’s Ninong, the famous @ogie_diaz (at inaanak ko rin lahat ng anak n’ya actually. I couldn’t be prouder Mare. Ang galing galing mo talaga!) 

“Honestly, in my own personal opinion.. since i am extremely blown away with this awesome kid, i don’t find Janus Del Prado]] having a mental or ADHD issue at all. I think He is hyper intelligent. That’s what it is! Very witty, sensible, brave, man of thousand words, fast, sensitive at some point and i truly find him “authentic”.  

“Thou i could also sense, he is easily provoked and an extremist too.  As we all know, He is an incandescent, incredible young actor. (Bata pa yan, yan na s’ya.) He is the youngest son (i guess) >Ø#Ý of my co actor/colleague and the Man i look up to since,  named the late Renato “Tata Peping” Del Prado of VALIENTE years back. Plus, He is the brother of renowned media reporter, Ate Pilar Mateo. I’ve worked with Him in the past few times. There’s something leads us to one common thing… it’s loyalty and genuinity to true friendship. 

“And i can’t help but post it, not bcoz it’s a controversial issue… but bcoz i am so moved in the way He represented and embarked TRANSPARENCY in a graceful way. I’ve learned from “someone” the Law of Discretion. But i guess sometimes it’s needed to be in TRUTHFULNESS when it is called for, especially if you are being caught up between who’s right and who’s wrong. I totally feel you young Man!    ‘Happened to me in the past! I know what you’re saying. I also admire how you get away insanely with the trolls and bashers! Congrats to you Janus Del Prado]] Tata Peping must be very proud of how you’ve become as you are older now. On a higher note, I respect your disbelief in religion but i pray u’ll discern to let Christ open your heart yho since ur very knowledgeable. 

“Just to share, Religion will not save. It’s only thru Jesus alone anak! But i get you, you want something organic, so to speak. Moreover, you gain not only my admiration and high regards, RESPECT as well.kudos to you Janus Del Prado]] ! You’re amazing! I dream of you, having your own solo starrer movie one day!”

She has a point. Gaya ng sabi ko, it’s Janus’s ballgame. Siya ‘yun. Sinabihan ko lang na mag-ingat. 

Iba rin makipagkaibigan. Tindi.

One thing more, ipinahanap siya ni Gretchen Barretto para padalhan ng ayuda.

Iba talaga! Si La Greta. Si Marissa. At siya!

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