Wednesday , December 8 2021
How to Change your First Name

Petition for Change of First Name (Step by Step / Requirements)

UNDER the Philippine Law, a name has two parts – the given name (FIRST NAME), and the family name (SURNAME). Middle names, which in the Philippines are traditionally the mother’s maiden surname, are not required but are often necessary for verifying your identity or in distinguishing you from others who have the same first and last names.

Why people change their first names?

  • Extremely difficult to write or pronounce.
  • Habitually and continuously used that name.
  • Publicly known by that first name in the community.
  • Causes embarrassment.
    • Tainted with dishonor
    • Ridiculous
  • Prevent confusion in legal documents and other purposes
    • Records show misspelling in his/her name
    • Different from the first name entered in the birth certificate.
  • To abide by the dictates of a new religion
  • To reflect a change in their lifestyle.

How can I legally change my first name?

Petition For Change of First Name

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