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No sa Federalismo (Huling Bahagi)

UNA sa lahat, hayaan ninyong ibahagi ng Usa­ping Bayan ang isa sa mga unang sulatin ng inyong lingkod kaugnay sa panukalang pagkakaroon ng isang pederal na porma ng pamahalaan. Gayonman ay pagpaumanhinan ninyo na ito ay nakasulat sa wikang Ingles.


Not a simple matter

Another thing to consider is that changing the system will mess up everything and could lead to economic and political chaos for a long time. Replacing the system is not as simple as changing our clothes.

A number of laws, perhaps even the Constitution, need to be changed. Our judicial, legislative and executive systems will surely change, even the way we run for office and vote. Economic laws will also be made to conform to the new system. There will be a general overhaul of everything and this will most likely result to chaos and uncertainty and beside that, do we have the money to finance all these things, these changes?

Why rock the boat and possibly sink it when there is no need to do so? An old saying says that “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

Have faith

Just over a hundred years ago, a blink of the eye in historical time, there were foiled attempts to establish se­veral republics in the Visayan region. Today, we still have several separatist Muslim groups existing in Mindanao. Our country, believe it or not, at this age and time is parceled and dominated by warlords treating their provinces or cities like their own fiefdom.

Our society remains semi-feudal and as it is, we are still fragmented and divided along tribal lines. The true independent Filipino has yet to emerge.

For now our safest bet to remain cohesive as a nation is to have a centralized form of go­vernment that slowly devolves power through the LGC. Yes, perhaps the LGC needed some tweaking so let us do it but we have to stop being harebrained by insisting to have a federal system of government for that could be the end of our republic and the unity of our people.

Federalism now will only entrench vested interests, warlords and political dynasties. Worse, it will encourage the separatists tendencies of opportunists who are desirous to have political power at all costs.

Have faith, say no to federalism, say yes to the exhaustive implementation of the LGC.


Grupo ng mga abogado nanawagan sa National Bureau of Investigation at Philippine National Police na masusing imbestigahan ang umanong tangkang pagpatay ng isang pulis sa abogadong si Argel Joseph Cabatbat. Para sa karagdagang detalye ay pasyalan ninyo ang Beyond Deadlines sa

Sana ay makaugalian ninyo na bisitahin lagi ang website ng Beyond Deadlines at panoorin ang segment nito sa Pinoy Houston TV o Howdy Philippines channel ng YouTube. Salamat po.

About Rev. Fr. Nelson Flores, MSCK, JD.

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