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Frankie, nasita ni Markki (Tweet, tinanggal at nag-sorry)

SA unang pagkakataon ay nagtanggal ng tweet niya si Frankie Pangilinan tungkol sa rape issue ni Christine Dacera, ang flight attendant dahil nasabihan siya ng aktor na si Markki Stroem.

Kilala si Frankie, panganay nina Senator Kiko Pangilinan at Sharon Cuneta na mahilig magbigay ng opinyon niya sa mga nangyayari sa kapaligiran, sabi nga ng iba, ‘mahilig sumawsaw.’ Pero may freedom of speech naman tayo kaya natural lang na gawin iyon ng dalaga.

Nag-tweet si Frankie nitong Enero 4 ng, ”it is never the clothes, never the drinks, never the victim period.  It is always ALWAYS the rapist’s fault.  How many more times do we have to hammer this home for it to stick in your thick skulls, please??!??!

“The hashtag rly shouldn’t be ‘protect drunk girls’ man, it should be respect tf out of any human being because drunk girls shouldn’t be needing any more protection than drunk guys, that’s exactly what’s wrong here, though – a few drinks and we’re suddenly no longer people like it’s fked up, I get it.  Girls have so much more to fear in intoxication but it’s so damn sad that we have to inevitable, when it’s not.  Teach your fkin kids not to rape people, let us deal with the hangovers.  We would prefer your respect over your protection.  We’re not pretty things that need constant guarding, we’re human beings.

“Christine Decera shouldn’t have needed protection enough of that dialogue.  She was a woman who deserved basic, human decency.  There’s something awful and stupid about how I only get rape threats when I talk about rape not being okay.”

Sinita ni Markki ang dalaga, ”This is not enough, I have friends on this list who did not deserve this public shaming. I rarely tweet. Take this down and apologize.”

Humingi naman kaagad ng dispensa si Frankie, ”Really sorry, I was under the impression.  I’d taken down my quote tweet already, deleted now for sure.  It wasn’t my post to begin with and I just spread what I thought to be verified information since the conversation was being amplified repeatedly on my timeline.

“I’m honestly terribly unsure how it got to be so misconstrued and I’m deeply sorry that I helped perpetuate that.  I’m really, really sorry but I’m not sure what else I can do, though given that I didn’t make the list and just retweeted it.  Given that it was also a public announcement.  They used terms ‘at-large’ and ‘suspects’ of course I was immediately concerned.

“Will withhold opinions until further, accurate information is dispersed, but I would like to apologize for the initial impassioned tweets here below :((( all my other sentiments, however, remain true respect is better than protection, and rape is and always will be terrible.”

Tinanggap naman kaagad ni Markki ang sinabing ito ni Kakie, ”Tbh, that’s all that was needed, removing the list from your platform of influence. I appreciate your valiant fight against rape culture, yet there is another war that is far from over: Homophobia. A boy had to come out on national TV before he was ready.

“That, along with comments such as this, “Kahit Bakla yan, lalaki parin yan, tinitigasan”, really shows the level of acceptance of our LGBT brothers and sisters. Anyway, enough of that, Happy Birthday to your mother, and have a wonderful night.”

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