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antoinette taus

Antoinette, masaya sa ‘cut off time’ na ipinatutupad ng Dos

MASAYA at nagpapasalamat si Antoinette Taus sa pagbabagong naganap sa TV production ng ABS-CBN 2. ‘Yung dating two days na taping ng MMK ay nagiging tatlong araw na para mapangalagaan ang kalusugan ng mga artista at staff ng production ng Kapamilya Network.

Kahit magkagastos ang netwok sa dagdag na araw ay hindi na nila alintana para mawala ang tinatawag na ‘patayan’ sa magdamagang taping. Ini-implement na raw ang 2:00 a.m. cut-off for the entire production, not just for a selected few artists.

Mababasa sa kanyang Instagram account, ang ”Last week, I got called to tape for MMK (Maalaala Mo Kaya) which is produced by ABS-CBN. I was wondering why they asked for three days instead of two. I asked my handler and assumed they wanted us to choose two days from those dates. Typically, they tape an episode in two days. That’s about 30-40 sequences on average. Those two taping days usually start at 6am and end at about the same time the next day. Sometimes later. Sometimes earlier. That’s actually pretty normal for any serious show or teleserye. But to my surprise, this time, MMK wanted all 3 days. I thought maybe the show got longer or it was just some mistake. An additional taping day costs the network a lot of money. A whole lot. It’s like taping an entire new show. Some of the simpler shows even tape multiple episodes in one day in order to save on production costs; which is completely understandable. But this – this was just unbelievable. I was actually completely one hundred percent excited to go to work knowing I wasn’t going to go home wanting to die from exhaustion. Still in disbelief, I got to the set with so many questions. I needed convincing that this was really happening. Haha. Has it really been that crazy all these years? Well, I found out yesterday that things really are about to change”

“THANK YOU ABS-CBN. þ I used to joke that if you’ve ever been an actor or entertainer in the Philippines, you’d be able to handle working in entertainment anywhere in the world. Filming days usually start at 6am only to end at 12 noon the next day. And when I say tapings end at 12 noon, that already probably means you’re late for the next taping day for another project and already in deep trouble with your producers. Dance choreography would be reduced to a single rushed 15 minute rehearsal before going live on TV. And with singing? Well, you definitely learn to improve when you are on stage looking at an “idiot board”, singing lyrics to a song you’ve never even heard before. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. As they say, the show must go on. THE OLD DAYS I am not speaking of any specific network or production. I think I’ve worked with all, if not most, production outfits since childhood, and honestly, it’s just the way things work over here. They all have the same system. And as world history proves, we relearn century after century that unless someone steps up to change the game, things stay the same. And so far, they have been the same. It actually may have even gotten worse in some aspects. Better in some ways too of course. I am definitely happy that artists don’t have to come in their massive vans and fancy vehicles in order to have a comfortable place to stay. I mean, realistically, not everyone can afford that. There are air-conditioned tents now for the entire cast and even the production. Hurray for that truly. Everyone deserves to be treated fairly and compassionately. We are all in fact human beings right? Back in the day, I remember that the only air-conditioned space was the OB vans or our own personal vans. And I think we all know how hot the Philippines is. Technically, artists are not supposed to provide their own “stand-by areas”. But it has become a norm in our industry. I remember the days seeing co-actors resting outdoors in the heat or in stuffy rooms packed with people. It’s just not a good working space.”

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