Sunday , April 2 2023
Mel Sarmiento Kris Aquino

Mel sarmiento binatikos ng netizens sa pag-let go kay Kris

ni Glen P. Sibongga

KASUNOD ng pagkompirma ni Kris Aquino sa kanyang Instagram post na hiwalay na sila ng fiance niyang si dating DILG Secretary, Mel Sarmiento dumagsa naman sa social media ang mga komento at reaksiyon ng netizens na bumabatikos sa pag-let go nito base sa huling text message na kasama sa ipinost ng Queen of All Media.

Narito ang buong text message ni Mel, “I’m worried about your situation and what you’ve texted me. I did pack up, bringing with me clothes up to the 4th of January where we are supposed to have our RT-PCR test.

“But I came to realize that I might further put you at risk given that I went to the mall the other day to buy a phone and went out again yesterday for a haircut. I also went to Uniqlo to buy some clothes before I went back to Jody’s.

“I’m not sure if the people that I had close contact with at the mall, especially my barber, is negative or not, and this can only be confirmed if I do a test on the 4th day and this is day 1 for me since I got exposed to people in the mall.

“I’m reminded of what you’re doctor cousin told me, the responsibility of making sure you don’t get Covid given your auto immune.

That’s the reason I decided not to proceed there because I might further put you at risk and I don’t want to be blamed for it.

“For the past two days, I had enough time to think about things and accepted the fact that ensuring you don’t get Covid is an enormous responsibility.

“Given my nature who loves to go out, I accepted the fact that I already have a bubble fatigue and I will not be able to, sad to say, be able to continue living in a bubble.

“On that note, with a heavy heart, I accepted your offer of letting me go. For I cannot in conscience be able to accept that something will happen to you brought about my going out of the bubble.

“I will always cherish in my heart the happy moments we had together. I do love you, but I guess this is goodbye for your life is of greatest importance given that you have Bimby and Josh to take care of. You will forever be in my heart.”

Narito naman ang ilang tweets ng mga netizen bilang reaksiyon sa text message ni Mel kasama na ang pagbatikos sa ex-fiance ni Kris.

– “Mel Sarmiento’s break up text with Kris Aquino is the epitome of toxic masculity and how men are literal trash. Imagine breaking off an engagement with a person at her lowest just because you get bubble fatigue? Ghoooorl”

– “I feel bad for Kris.  She deserves someone who’s willing to be with her through thick or thin, in sickness and in health. Apparently Mel Sarmiento is not the one. He is selfish. That’s not love at all! Leaving her just because of bubble fatigue! Seriously!”

– “A man who truly wants to be with u and who truly loves u will never leave no matter how hard the situation is esp. on situations like this. This time I am for Kris. Love should be “in sickness and in health”. Now,need I say more y I chose to be alone? ‘Love is a battle for Two’”

– “kris aquino’s break up with mel sarmiento is a proof how quick someone can make u fall head-over-heels with a promise of forever then bid you goodbye and see u never”

May netizens din na nakikisimpatiya kay Kris at ipinagdarasal ang “healing” nito mula sa kanyang autoimmune disease at sa kanyang heartbreak.

– “Kris Aquino have been through so much. But one thing is consistent… she always prioritize her sons more than anything else. Get well”

– “Ms. Kris Aquino needs our prayers for her emotional and physical healing” 

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