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Bartolome “Bart” Bagay Pinoy businessman sa US: Inspirasyon sa tagumpay

LUMIHAM si G. Bar-tolome “Bart” Bagay, isang kababayan natin na matagal nang nanini­rahan sa Estados Unidos ng America at masugid na tagasubay­bay ng ating malaganap na programang ‘Lapid Fire’ sa makasaysayang himpilan ng DZRJ-Radyo Bandido (810 Khz/AM) na sabayang napapanood sa Channel 224 ng Sky Cable, Digital Boxes, TV Plus, live streaming sa Facebook at YouTube.

Si G. Bagay, isang salesman-businessman na ang kahanga-hangang success story ay mababasa sa aklat na pinamagatang: “The Reality of Wisdom and How to Succeed in Life.”

Ikinagagalak natin na itampok ang unang bahagi ng padalang liham ni G. Bagay na may petsang January 11, 2020:

“Hello Ka Percy, am always watching everyday your program and I agree everything that you’re sharing with all your viewers locally and Internationally.

Tamang lahat, punto for punto ‘yong mga point of view mo and Peter Talastas kaya I can relate lahat ng sinasabi n’yo tungkol sa lahat ng issue and I hope am there to share everything I knew about our government and the U.S. government as well.

I have been here in the U.S. for 33 years now since I left Manila in 1986 during the fall of Marcos and the rise of Cory Aquino as President of the Philippines. I would like to share with you the following facts that is not in my book.

I think this time you have read my whole book but that book maybe is just 10% of my life but 90% is the actual experience since I was born and my journey here in the U.S. this is the reason am allowing you to share of this information to the whole Filipinos especially the youth which is the hope of our motherland.

I came from the squatters area of Navotas and my age difference with my wife is 9 years because I was born Aug.24,1947 while my wife was born on Aug.16,1956.

In short, when I graduated from Mapua in 1969, my wife is just in grade 6 and most of our friends were joking me as cradle snatcher.

I met my wife when I was teaching at CCP (Central Colleges of the Philippines) d’yan sa Sta Mesa na katabi ng UERM hospital where former Erap Estrada studied but did not finish his college because he ‘dropped out’ kaya na nga ito ang biro ni Gary Lising when he is still living:

“Talo kayo ng Pilipinas. Sa amin, bao ng niyog nagkabuhok, naging Presidente”.

When I courted my wife she is taking up BSBA (Business Administration) sa CCP and they are living inside Camp Aguinaldo and her real Name is Helenietta G. Junio.

Lahat ng mga Junio ay galing sa military (PMA), because my father in law, Master Sgt. Eustaquio Junio, is the official photographer of the Armed Forces of the Philippines during the time of President Marcos and the chief of staff General Espino and General Fidel Ramos.

The picture of my father in law is like a carbon copy of Gen. Ramos and they called him Jun and they have a photo lab inside Camp Aguinaldo under Col. Noe Andaya who is the chief of the Office of Civil Relations (OCR) of the AFP.

My wife is also a working student and working at the Office of the Surgeon General and she was in charge of processing all the application of all graduates in the medical field of all schools in the Philippines who would like to enter the military for commission. And once they pass, they will have the rank of 1st Lieutenant already. This is the reason why I knew lot of things about all the branches in the military – from President Marcos, Imelda, Fabian Ver, Gen. Ramos, Enrile – because when there is a staff meeting, all the generals were present and my father in law is there taking pictures of the meeting since he is the official photographer of the AFP.

I was forced to leave Philippines in 1986 during the fall of Marcos just after oath taking of President Corazon Aquino because when they killed Ninoy in 1983, most of the business people in the business community were scared that there will be a civil war so all of them salt the dollar out of the country. And because of this, ‘nabasyo’ or nasimot ang dollar ng Central Bank and it came out, ang utang natin e $30-B. I said to myself, you mean to say all my grandchildren – they were not born yet – e nagbabayad na ng utang?

So I used my contacts in the U.S. Embassy to process my papers ASAP to immigrate to the U.S. the following day after Cory’s oath taking as president of the Philippines, that is in my book.


(Para sa anumang sumbong at reaksiyon, mag-text o tumawag sa 09166240313. Maaring ipadala ang inyong liham sa e-mail address: [email protected])

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