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5 creed ng AFP honor, loyalty, valor, duty & solidarity

HINDI ba kaya tinawag na Libingan ng mga Bayani ang lugar na ito para sa mga sundalo, pulis atbp mga Filipino na namatay dahilan sa pakikipaglaban at pagsisilbi sa bayan? Kasama na rito ang mga naging pangulo ng Filipinas.

Remember po bayan, 7,883 ang Presidential Decree including LOI and so forth and so on. Ang nagawang batas ng yumaong Pangulong Ferdinand Edralin Marcos na hanggang ngayo’y pinakikinabangan ng tatlong mandarambong na naging pangulo ng Filipinas na sina Ramos, Asyong Salonga at Gloria ‘Pandak’ Arroyo et’ al. Walang pork barrel si Marcos.

Kahit naging diktator si Marcos, pangulo pa rin siya ng ating bansa. Para kay Afuang, panahon na para ilibing si Marcos sa Libingan ng mga Bayani.

E, bakit ang nagpatiwakal na si Angelo Reyes sa Libingan ng mga Bayani inilibing? Matatawag bang bayani ang pagpapatiwakal ni General Angelo Reyes? Hindi po ba, bayan, isang malaking karuwagan ang pagpapatiwakal? May his soul RIP.

Tama ang sinabi ng Panginoong Jesukristo sa mga umaalipusta kay Maria Magdalena. “Ang sino mang walang bahid ng pagkakasala ay dumampot ng bato at batuhin  ang babaing ito.”

Right Madam De Lima? Anong  say ninyo Ms. Eta’t Rosales. Lord patawad! Mga ipokrita!


HONOR – we believe in “honor” as our crowning value it is more precious than life itself.  It is the hallmark of our military conduct, which implies our clear consciousness of personal dignity. We associate it with good reputation, and it is immortal, sacred part of our character, the violation of which should bring about shame in us and the dignity to impose on ourselves the requisite restitution.

In peace or war, our word shall be our bond. Thus to us also meanstruthfulness, sincerity, honesty, credibility and avoidance of deception, so that our written or spoken word may be accepted without question. Our facts shall identified as facts, and our opinion for what they are, to us, honor means integrity.  For we commit ourselves to livea modest and decent life. We shall not “lie, cheat, steal, violate moral ethical codes” nor tolerate the violation of same, as honorable soldiers. We shall rise and live the ties of other men in less exactingprofessions.

Honor demands from us a commitment to also act according to the other value in this creed. For it is the basis of trust and confidence that all of us shall exits as members of the AFP.

LOYALTY – we believe in unflincing. Loyalty, our oath of office requires us to be loyal to our nation and to obey the mandate to support and defend the constitution. We shall be obedient to the duly constituted political order. We shall support the chain of command and obey all lawful orders of those legally appointed over us.

To us, loyalty to make unit shall imply that we express in words and in deeds strong support to those lead us, those whom we lead and all those who leads us. To us,  loyalty enhances dedication and pride in our unit, fosters cohesion and promotes sincerity for the well being of our fellow soldier.  It is the best expression of our fidelity to God, our country and fellowmen, and adherence to democratic principles, constitutional mandate and legal authority.

VALOR – we believe in valor as the power and strength, and ability to overcome fear to carry-out our mission and to accomplish what is seemingly impossible to us, valor goes beyond the physical dimension of boldness and endurance to pain and hardship. With this value, we shall have the moral courage to stand for what is right and persevere to make it difficult for friends, superiors, peers and comdrades alike to do the wrong thing.

We also recognized that the spiritual aspect of valor

is shown by composure, calmness and presence of mind. In situations demanding from us an act of exceptional bravery, we shall remain ever serene and never allow ourselves to be presence of menacing danger of death.  We shall retrain self-control.

DUTY – we believe in duty as value of obedience and

discipline performance despite difficulty and danger. To us, duty is a personal act of  responsibility manisfested by accomplishing all assigned task to the fullest of our capability, meeting all our commitments and taking opportunities to improve ourselves for the good of the services, we believe that duty is selfless service in which the welfare and the accomplishment of the mission comes ahead of our individual desires. We best serve the nation we resist temptation to pursue our self-interest of self-serving individuals. To us, duty is rendering services that demands our willingness even if it means giving up our lives in defense of our country.

SOLIDARITY – we  believe in solidarity  for it is the consolidating and integrating value to which all us bind ourselves with the rest of our comdrade-in-arms. We believe that a well-trained, well-led military unit shall develop and esprit-de-corps. Our leaders shall foster esprit-de-corps by ensuring that we know the importance of our mission. In deed, solidarity to us is the value links us to each other in a constantly self-rectifying, harmonious and dynamic system bound by the motto: Para sa Diyos, sa bayan at sa kapwa tao.”

KONTRA SALOT – Abner Afuang

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